There are some bad habits that some men have that really tick women off.

Can you imagine going on a date and things go really well and you’re escorted to the car and when the guy leans in for a kiss you catch a whiff of that dragon breath and you literally can’t breathe in that moment – major turn off.

Here are 7 things men do that are total turn offs.

1.Comparing her to other women

For guys, how would you feel if the girl you really like decides to tell you how you should start going to the gym to get more biceps just like her best friend Kevin – you’d be pissed.

Same applies to women, we don’t like being compared to no other woman. If you want another woman then you should date that woman.

2.Not seeing that she’s more than just a pretty face

Women are much more than meets the eye. Some have entrepreneurial skills while others have the great acting skills.

Not acknowledging that only makes you a statistic of the guys that fail to see her for more than what she is.

3.Guys that think they are shit

There’s a difference between being confident and being cocky. We are not fans of the latter. We don’t want to know how many women you’ve been able to get under the sack. It’s not attractive.

4.Being suggestive way too soon

Women don’t like guys that get too suggestive with them too soon. “What are you wearing tonight?” and we’ve been talking for about two weeks – not cool.

5.You complain a lot

Women don’t like a whiney man. Complaining about the same thing and not doing anything about it drains our energy to help out.

Complain about it and find a solution.

6.Bad hygiene

Bad breath and overall bad hygiene isn’t all that attractive. Could you imagine if the woman you’re trying to win over does not change her weave a month after the two of you knowing each other.

7.No self-control

The notion that men will be men is not an excuse to blatantly stare at every woman that walks your way. Learn to control yourself.