How to tell a guy that you like him

Your MCM would rather if you just told him

When it comes to letting a guy know you like him, forget all the advice about batting your eyelashes or taking a day to respond to his texts. However, if you’re into all the dating games- this probably isn’t for you.

If you’re straight-up just looking for a genuine way to ask a guy out then pay attention.

I asked a number of men and all of them had the same advice. If you like a guy:

Chances are, because you’re beautiful and smart, you like a nice, respectable guy. And the worst he will do is let you down gently. If he turns out to be the fool to lead you on, leave him. Immediately.

Anyway, telling him seems like the most daunting task ever, so there are a few things you can try to make it easier for yourself. The fear of rejection is real. And those magazines that tell you to just go for it need to be burnt and reminded that if it was that easy in the first place- we wouldn’t need advice.

Here are a few ways to make telling your MCM easier.

Go out to a restaurant

Ask him to lunch or dinner or brunch to a neutral location. Dress normal. Act normal. Converse then lead into it gently.

Use notes

It may seem juvenile but the note sending method of our younger years was proven effective enough.

You can set up an Insta story and share it with him only and use the poll feature. Ask him if he likes you or if he would go on a date with you using the Yes or No option.

You can also text him.

Obvious signs

Now this is where we delve into magazine territory. If you’re absolutely terrified of letting him know the traditional way, you can use some pretty brazen signs. Don’t, please don’t, dress provocatively for his sake or unleash your inner bombshell around him. Don’t go bending around him. Don’t go brushing his arm with your breasts. Don’t use your hair to sensitize his skin.

What you can do is go the extra kindness route. If it’s at work, let him know you know how you take his coffee. When hanging out, if he ends up with ketchup on his cheek as you guys are eating, wipe off the ketchup with your finger and then lick your finger. If you guys are playing PS, during a break you can put your arm on his thigh and squeeze. You can also squeeze his bicep often. But whatever you do, don’t go for the cheeks. Both sets. Whisper into his ear seductively, if the occasion calls for it.

Ask his friends

When all avenues seem impossible or just too daunting, you can go the friend route. If you know his friends or have mutual friends, you can ask his friend (or brother sometimes) for assistance.

It can be to confirm if he’s available or the best way to approach him without wrecking your friendship or ruining your dignity.

Hopefully any of these methods work out for you. But remember, if he says no, then it’s a no. Don’t become clingy. Don’t beg to be friends. Don’t start bashing his character. All the best.


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