Don't forget these essential tips when going on your next date

Meeting new people is not always easy

Couple on date(graphic)

Getting back into the dating scene is not easy.

Especially if you're rushing yourself to find new love and move on to the next bae. In my opinion, love comes when you least expect it and when you're not even looking. Give yourself time to heal from your heartbreak, and enjoy being single and when you feel that you're ready to start dating again, put yourself out there and allow yourself to meet other people. But, be open minded, you may go on may fruitless, even pointless dates before you eventually click with one person. But let's not act like going on dates is any easier. It's so tasking and tiring having to repeat your life story to all these potential baes but hey, things we gotta do for love right? When you start going on dates, here are tips for more successful dating experiences, cause no one likes a terrible date.

1. Be a good listener.

Talk less, listen more. We never learn anything if we are the ones always talking. Allow your date to talk about themselves and you will learn a lot about the person and even figure out if it's someone you want to see again or not. However, this does not mean that you should not talk at all. Nope, the key is to balance the conversation, ask questions, answer questions but also listen.

2. Stay off your off phone.

I know how tempting it can be to take that photo of a meal you will probably not have in a long time to come so that you can stunt on the gram, but your date may think that you're just another slay queen. If anything, keep your phone away the entire date, unless it's an emergency. You should focus all your attention on the date after all, the point of you coming out was to meet this person to hopefully get to know them better right?

3. Take it slow.

You certainly don't expect to start dating someone immediately after the first date. Go easy on the pressure. You may chase the guy away if you start talking about marriage and kids and topics such as moving in, too soon.

4. And speaking of topics, stay away from controversial topics.

Topics on sexuality, religion and politics will probably leave the two you divided on opinions. It's best to stick to things like career and passions when you're trying to know someone so that you figure out if you're even compatible.

5. Be open minded.

We all want to date a David Beckham. Handsome, successful, has a sense of style and probably makes hot ass babies. But then again, how many Beckhams are out there? You need to be open minded and give guys who you think are below your league or even above your league a chance. You may end up totally surprising yourself. Sometimes, those guys we brush off cause they do not look the part or act the part may actually end up being genuinely nice guys. Take that chance, cast your net wider.

6. Keep your dates short.

I always say that dinner on a first date is a bad idea. What if you meet a boring dude and you have to stick it through an entire dinner? Oh the tragedy. A happy hour date entailing two cocktails or a glass of wine or even a coffee will do but be sure not to get drunk. The point is to get to know the person better and then you can both figure out if you want to meet again for another date or not. Plus, when you go on long dates, you may end up talking about way too much and then, the mystery will slowly die cause, what will you talk about on the next date? The weather?

7. Be real.

Just be yourself. A person who genuinely likes you and wants to get to now you better will like you for who you are, even with a bare face. Of course it's good to get all dolled up and look your best. What I mean is, don't try to be someone you're not cause you cannot pretend forever. At one point, should you actually start dating, your true colors will come out.


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