Tips to keep in mind when getting ready for a date

Go easy on the perfume

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When going on a date, you not only need to look good but also feel great and exude confidence. Preparing for a for a date is important if you're trying to impress. You don't just leave work and decide to go wherever you decided to meet. If the circumstances allow, always give yourself time to get ready. Go home, take a nice hot shower, get yourself in the mood by listening to some great music then leave in good time so as not to be late. That said, here are some tips on how to prepare for a date.

1. Have in mind way in advance on your dress up options.

We have all been in a situation where we had mentally planned an outfit only to look like a potato after wearing it and suddenly, we have to change and start looking for another option, which takes up a lot of time. That's why it's important to prepare like three outfit options prior to even if it's mentally so that if one does not work out, you can go with either of the other two options without wasting too much time.

2. Comfort.

Dress for the occasion. If it's dinner in a classy restaurant, you could go for a classy LBD paired with heels for instance while for a simple coffee date, you can go for a casual dressed down look like jeans paired with a blouse and comfy slip ons or ankle boots for instance. Do not wear clothes that you have to keep yanking up or pulling down or adjusting in whatever way. Anything that does not make you feel comfortable or give you the walking power is a no no. Those 6-inch stilettos may be super cute but you might want to save them for another time.

3. Go easy on the perfume.

You may be tempted to spritz a lot of perfume when going out, on the hair, body, clothes, pulse points and what not. But too much perfume can be just that...too much! Plus, the scent may be nice to you but a little repulsive to others. Kinda like Somali perfumes. They're too strong for many people's liking, so the point I'm trying to drive home is, go easy on the perfume. Just a little hint of that lovely fruity smell will do.

4. Look like you.

Again, easy on the makeup. The first date is not the time to test out all the beauty trends you have been seeing on the Kardashians or beauty vloggers. It's important to look like the real you. Of course, you're free to get all dolled up and beat your face but keep it subtle and cute.

5. Know where you're going.

Way prior to the date, be sure to get the right directions and Google to see where the place is located if you're not familiar with the place where you're meeting. You don't want to get there late since you couldn't find directions or looking all confused.

When you get to the venue, remember to breathe in, relax, give a firm handshake or nice hug and enjoy the date!


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