Here’s what guys think about dating a single mom

The choice is all yours

Mom and kids(ieuw)

For a long time, single moms have been associated with all sorts of negative things.

We have heard people link them to prostitution, and even trapping other women’s husbands to have them raise their kids. Their children are not lucky either. It’s assumed that they are likely to misbehave and lack manners just because they are from a broken family.

Well, those are just a few misconceptions about single moms that needn’t exist in this era.

We asked men if they would date a single mom and the reactions were quite interesting.

Check out some of them below:

le_mec_teberius: Am dating one and will soon getting married

 pimp_exp: Of course she will have to be humble due to her status,

 isahamaz: Of course why not. Her kids are not a sign of failure rather it’s a show of her strength to see how beautifully she has single handedly raised them playing both the role of mum and dad. It would be awesome to join hands with such power where love is involved.

Edwin Maraga: yes of course. So long as her head is in the ''right'' frame...single mums are just like the other ladies so no big deal

Ochieng Gibson Otaka: Yeah Kwan shida iko wapi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ata awe nawatoto wakumi

Moses Kimani: Yeah as long as she has good character

nito Juneweather: Yes...Infact they are the most serious ppl in this life, with future coz they have come across so much in this life

Hassan Hajj: kwanza ndo natafuta.. hizi vinyangarika za Captain Morgan hatutaki

Ramadhan Abdul Kadir: Even with 10 beautiful rascals

Eehm…others were of a contrary opinion. And well, aren’t we all entitled to our opinions? This is what they had to say:

itus Maore: Wee unaeza nunua shamba iko na kesi kortini?

Phillip Njiraini: Ngumu sana

Spata Skerta Dube: If it's the only option...c lazima

Sirajh Higga: Nooooooo

Gucci KE: Nani anataka makombo?

The choice is all yours to make. So long it makes you happy, go for it.


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