Here are ways to create more time for each other in your relationship

Between making your business work on a day-to-day basis and performing at peak level at your job, it is easy to get carried away and forget how to actually create time for your partner as you should.

A happy couple spending time together [Source: Onipa]

Being an adult and taking care of adult stuff make these things very possible, and without an intentional attempt to create enough time for each other, it may not be long before one person begins to feel neglected, and before distance begins to creep in between you and your significant other.

To ensure that things don’t get this bad, here are things to know:

Work with what you have

Life evolves and so should you. If your life takes a new turn and growth has shaped you in ways that mean you have more to do and less time to spare, you need to learn to make the best of that. Instead of pining for the good days when you had time to explore and spend so much time together, learn to manage your new schedule and cultivate new ways to maximize the connection with your partner. It’s really not about resisting the flow, it’s going with it and getting the intended results.

Not how much, it’s how well

Less is more. The limited time you have is enough to keep the relationship alive. All you need to do is communicate regularly; always think of ways to make each other laugh, cuddle as much as you can, retain that intimacy.

You don’t need all the time in the world to do that.

Better ways to connect

Diversify your ways of reaching out to each other. Keep your texting popping. Keep things fresh, keep it interesting. Take all the options offered by technology and maximize it all.

Make It a priority 

Set alarms, calendar alerts, whatever it takes to make time for the people you care about.


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