Sure tips to be irresistible to men

They will go crazy

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It takes more than a perfect figure to draw men towards you. When it’s all about your body, you will only attract men who see you as a sexual object. I bet that’s not what you want. You will want a man who will take you seriously and respect you for who you are.

If you have been attracting the wrong guys in your life or haven’t been attracting any recently, try these sure tips that make you irresistible to men:

1. Stop being needy

We had already given you some signs to help you spot a needy man. But women too can be needy and guys really hate it. Stop being by your man’s side 24/7 and calling him every second. You got to show him that you have things to do and you can be happy even without him.

2. Be independent

Men find it sexy when a woman is able to pay her bills on her own. So if you are the kind of woman who keeps asking for credit and ‘pesa ya salon’, that’s where you are going all wrong. No man wants a dependent woman in the 21st century.

3. Confidence is sexy

You want to be that girl that men look and be like, ‘Woow, her confidence is on another level’. If wearing a dress and those 6-inch pair of heels is what makes you feel confident, go for it. Even the way you walk is enough to tell if you are confident or not.

4. Be a little bit of a mystery

Don’t be an open book for him. Let him try hard to figure out some aspects about you. He’ll be chasing you trying to find out more about you.

 5. Embrace your femininity

Work hard but don’t try to be the man while neglecting your femininity. Men are attracted to femininity and there’s no harm being gentle and letting the man to take care of you.


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