Super romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s in a long-distance relationship

Simple and fun ways

Long distance relationships [Credit: Spiritual Singles]

Long-distance relationships are hard enough already. But when the two of you are willing to put in some effort to add some spice to the relationship, it can work out like any other relationship. Now that Valentine’s day is approaching, you are probably wondering how you will celebrate it with your partner being miles away from you. That, however, shouldn’t worry you because there are still fun and romantic ways couples in a long-distance relationship can to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Have a look at some of them and see what could work for you and your bae:

1. Try something old-fashioned

Old is gold, remember? If your partner was born in the 80s or 90s, they will relate to love letters. Instead of just sending them a message on WhatsApp, why not try something different like sending them a hand-written love letter a day before Valentine’s? They will be really excited to read your feelings through the letter.

2. Watch a movie together

Agree on one movie that you both would like to watch and start watching at the same time. You can then choose to chat through the movie or finish and then discuss it afterwards.

3. Send them a sweet video of you

You are such a pathetic dancer? No problem still. Make your lover’s day by sending them that pathetic video of you dancing to your favourite couple’s song. Or just you singing horribly to the tune of that song. You will have made their day, effortlessly.

4. Surprise visit

Just imagine how thrilled your partner will be if you visit them when they least expect it? Maybe they were just sad that they will spend the day all alone and then you show up with a plan for the day. Not so hard to do, is it?

5. Set a skype date

Prepare a candlelit dinner just like you would if you were with your partner. Have them do the same and then when everything is ready, enjoy your dinner simultaneously and skype as you enjoy the dinner.

6. Send them a surprise package

Send your partner a care package as a surprise gift. You can organize with their friends to have the package delivered at their office or even dropped at their door so that they find it first thing in the morning when leaving for work or when coming back in the evening.


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