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How to make your woman feel special and loved

It's not about money

A happy couple

They say it’s all about money but No. There are many more things that will make your woman feel special, loved and appreciated.

Well, not that she will say no to gifts and money, but there’s more to it than just money. These ways are sure ways to make your woman feel like there’s no one else who matters as her:

1. Make time for her


No matter how busy you are, always ensure you make time for her. Women love it when you spend some time together. But that doesn’t mean being all over their space until they got no personal time.

2. Compliment her more often

Really guys, how much money do you need to buy compliments? It costs you nothing to tell your woman how great she looks and appreciate her effort to look good when you are going for a date.

3. Leave a sweet note for her


Some sweet words will brighten her day and make her feel more special. Is that really hard to do?

4. Make her priority

When you have to choose between her and something else, make her the first priority. Unless it’s something really important, your woman should always come first.

5. She will love small surprises


Get home earlier and make dinner for her. Once in a while, bring her flowers or even chocolates. Such small gestures will make her feel loved.

6. Always believe in her even when she doesn’t

You should be her number one cheerleader and just doing that is enough to make her feel special.


7. Say thank you

When she makes your favorite meal or skips work to look after you when you are unwell, don’t just assume it’s her duty. Show some gratitude so that she doesn’t get weary of doing it.


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