5 ways to say ‘no’ to a guy you don’t like without hurting them

It's not always easy

How to reject a guy nicely (Shutterstock)

Saying no is not always easy – at least not for everyone. It’s normal to worry about what the other person will say when you reject them. But if you honestly do not like them, it’s best, to be honest, and tell them the truth. It might hurt them, but you shall have tried your best to do it in the best way possible. Especially when it’s a really good guy but you can’t see yourself together in the future, try these tactics to reject him nicely without hurting their feelings:

1. Use ‘I’ statements

Whatever your reasons for rejecting him are, stick to ‘I’ statements. Don’t let the blame fall on them. Instead, bear the blame and try to show them that they have nothing to do with your saying ‘no’. Instead of pointing out their faults, you could tell them that you have realized your interests are very different.

2. Say it early

After a few dates, you are able to know if you are going somewhere with the guy. If you notice that it’s not going to work, say ‘no’ earliest possible. It hurts more when you string along with a guy only to say no after you have wasted too much time and they have invested their feelings in you.

3. Be very clear

Don’t give vague reasons as to why you are saying no. Instead, tell them you are incompatible or you simply don’t feel the connection. If they are smart enough, they won’t bother pursuing you anymore and they will respect your decision.

4. Do it face to face

Guys do not always take text messages seriously. That’s why even when you are breaking up with them on text, they might request that you do it in person. It’s respectful to say it face to face and they will also have a chance to read your body language.

5. Don’t re-initiate communication

Once you have rejected him, stop sending him messages or calling him. Even if you are worried about how he might be coping with your decision, don’t do it unless he initiates the conversation. Re-initiating communication makes you seem like you are still interested in him.


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