How I lost over Ksh 150 000 in the name of love

I was even locked out of my apartment - #She-life

Stressed woman

I am this girl who loves perfumes so much that I can even save for months just to get a perfume I like. So there is this perfume I was looking for and used to frequent a certain shop in TRM to find out if it had been restocked – hardly did I know that my love for perfumes would land me in trouble.

On this particular day, I visit the shop and luckily, my perfume is available. I am all excited that I finally got it and can’t wait to try it in the evening and even go out. The perfume is quite expensive but hey, a girl got to smell good. So, I part with a whopping 13k to get this perfume, pay with Mpesa, and, leave the shop with a smile.

A stranger offered to pay for my perfume

Just as I walk out of the shopping mall, I get a call from the shop attendant. He tells me that there is someone who wants to pay for my perfume and he, will in return refund the money I had already paid. This must have been my lucky day – or so I thought. We talk with the guy, Kensey is his name, on phone and he says that indeed, he wants to pay for my perfume. Instead of going back to the shop to pick the money, we agree that Kensey will send the money to me via Mpesa. True to his word, he does it almost immediately. Being a student, this is such a great deal for me.

According to Kensey, he had been seeing me frequent the shop many times and had felt compelled to pay for my perfume. After that, we continue talking on the phone and we finally decide to meet. He has this sweet voice that you fall in love with before you even put a face to it. I meet him and he takes me to some nice restaurant and although he is just an average looking guy, he’s nice. But what’s even more important is how he treats me.

He spoiled me like nobody's business

Kensey would make sure that I got all I wanted. He might have been so many things but he wasn’t the stingy type. He would take my best friend and I out for dinner after classes and pay for everything. I remember this day when he never showed up but said we could order anything we wanted and he would pay. So we got all the drinks we wanted and he sent the money to pay. I had no doubt that this guy liked me and would move mountains to please me.

On one of the days we had gone out with him and my best friend, another guy showed up. Kensey told us how he had taught this guy how to make money online and how well he was now doing. My best friend was so interested and started asking Kensey for more details. Being the kind guy he had always been, Kensey promised to show my best friend how to make money from home the next time we met.

He offered to drive us home and buy us nyama choma

The next day we met, my plan was to go home in Kitengela with my best friend. He insisted he wanted to see me and he offered to drive us from our place in Roysambu, to my parents’ home in Kitengela. The plan was to have nyama choma in Kitengela town as he showed my friend how to work online then we would go home later. He had also requested my friend to carry her laptop ready to learn.

The day before, I had met my elder sister who gave me Ksh 60, 000 for my rent, personal shopping and for some repairs that were to be done back home in Kitengela. So I have all this money, my new phone, personal documents, expensive handbags, and a newly acquired laptop which I had imported from the UK.

Deal gone wrong

It was a very hot day so I asked Kensey if we could get some ice cream when we reached Syokimau. He parked the car and gave me Ksh 1000 to go buy ice cream. My friend offered to come with me while Kensey waited alone in the car. That, my friends, was the last time we ever saw him. By the time we were coming back, he was nowhere to be seen. My money, phone, laptop, handbags, which had remained in Kensey's car, were all gone. All we had was my friend’s phone and the change we got after buying ice cream. That’s also how I got locked out of my apartment because I couldn’t pay rent and couldn’t muster the courage to tell my sister what had happened. For months, I commuted from Kitengela to Thika Road to attend classes at USIU.

Later on, we tried to follow up with the police but to this day, we have not had a trace of Kensey and our belongings have not been recovered.

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