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How to successfully shoot your shot, 6 dos & don'ts

The dos and don'ts when sliding into a girl’s DM.

How to successfully shoot your shot [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

As a man, sending out that message that indicates you like a lady is always tough. It is like sending out your CV in a bid to seek a job.

Luckily it’s a man-help-man society so here are six cool ways with which you can inbox a lady and get that conversation going.

Come up with a well conceived text that aptly captures the intentions you have. Walk on the safe side of the inbox road by omitting single His and Heys as if they were gross grammatical errors. Beating around the bush from your first text will leave a Joker or normal intruder impression on her.


Cease like Caesar washing off his hands from being too desperate. Don’t bombard her inbox with many countless, vague messages that beat those of a landlord. Instead, try not to sound desperate and be mindful of how often you text her.

Don’t be tempted to commit the abomination that thirsty men do nonchalantly. Sending pictures of your genitals won’t all over a sudden make her crave you.

She will definitely go through your timeline or profile like a detective looking for leads. That faceless picture can lower your chances. She obviously knows you might be a joker or someone who’s out to gauge her willingness.


Be real so that she can put a face behind the account which she may gush over. Before you know it your messages will be reliably replied to.

Hi, Hey and Niaje Mrembo are long out of the dating syllabus. Carry her off her feet as if you are a pickup truck. Strive to be unique and let her interest be spooked by that new Dm which is laced with wowing words.

Don’t just crack whips, crack jokes also. It is not supposed to be all Umeshindaje banalities. She probably had a bad day and those pleasantries will amount to curt responses. That Funny meme should find its way into her inbox and liven up like a comedy show.


Don’t you brush your shoes every morning to a black sheen? If so, why can’t you check up on her more often and she like the shoe will reflect back your image inform of the replies she sends.

The single messages you send occasionally will massage your ego into her forgetting your attempts. This does not mean now being all clingy but being mindful that a bit a bit leads to a habit of her valuing you.

You would be having all the aforementioned but what if she’s already cuffed as a link to a hyper. Don’t get all excited and entitled now that she’s entertaining your sorry texts. The friendship would end up suffocating in the airless social media and not doing the aisle.


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