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Important things every woman must learn to ask for in a relationship

If you are afraid of him, he’s not right for you

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We all know of a woman who is so afraid of their boyfriend or husband that you even wonder how they ended up together in the first place. Like, how do you love someone who you are constantly afraid of? You are supposed to be friends with your partner and you cannot be afraid of your friend.

Or maybe we can blame it on our upbringing? You know, how you saw your mommy behaving towards your daddy and such things. But that’s then and we are a different generation. A generation where women know what is good for them and should ask for it without fear.

So girl, below are some things you should never, at any single moment, be afraid of saying to/asking of your partner:


1. Asking for sex

Who said guys are the only ones who can have it whenever they want even though the woman is not in the mood? If you feel like you really need to get laid, ask for it. It’s no crime and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Better sex


And we are not just talking about sex but better sex for that matter. If he does not satisfy you, ask for more. If his CJ skills are poor, tell him and suggest ways in which he can make it better.

3. Giving your opinion

Yes, your opinion matters. Don’t just sit and let him make all the decisions. Then you start crying for how he never involves you.

4. Saying no


Whether you are saying not to sex because you are not ready or it’s something that goes against your values and beliefs, it’s okay to differ.

5. Confront him

Some women find it really hard to confront a man even when he is clearly on the wrong. Nobody likes confrontation and he will definitely not like it. That’s not to say that you should just watch him go astray.


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