8 people share their weirdest sexual encounters

What’s your craziest experience?

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If you thought you have had crazy sexual encounters, you will be shocked after reading other people’s experiences. Have fun as you read through!

1. “It was all hot and steamy until this guy literally bit my clitoris during oral sex. I had never felt such pain before. Up to date, you’d rather skin me alive than go down on me. I have no problem giving blow jobs though.”

2. “This is not even funny at all. My form one teacher grabbed my dick while caning me. And no, it wasn’t an accident. The way he did it felt so intentional. I was so traumatized and only got peace of mind when he died. Later on, I had rumors that he was actually gay.”

3. “My roommate in campus used to bring different girls in our house. This one day, I decided not to leave the house. Things got so bad that I jokingly asked them if I could join in. Surprisingly, my roommate finished with the girl and I took over. All we did that night was smoke and take turns with the girl.”

4. “So I used to sell music CDs and some old mzee was my frequent customer. On this particular day, he offered to give me a ride and drop me at my house. When I got into the car, he popped out his dick and told me to suck it. It was old, flaccid and wrinkly. I have never been so disgusted. This was a man I had treated with so much respect and I was hardly 18.”

5. “My boyfriend always insisted on us having a threesome whenever he spotted a pretty girl. I hated it. I decided to teach him a lesson and agreed to it. The conditions were that it was to be done on my own terms. I lit the candles and ensured everything was okay. Then I went to fetch a third person. And boom! I came with my male friend. My boyfriend was so mad that he just left us and banged the door.”

6. “I brought this girl to my sister's place and one thing led to another. Just when we were deep into the moment and almost orgasming, the door opened. There we were, naked and embarrassed. Siz just shut the door and left.”

7. “This guy couldn’t get hard even after playing with his dick and giving him a blow job for quite some time. Then he took his phone and started watching porn. Instantly, he got hard. I was so pissed that I couldn’t have sex with him.”

8. “We were making out with this girl and her friend was just seated at the edge of the bed. She was busy playing with her titties and it made me feel like she was left out. So I fingered her as I continued making love to this other one. Sharing is caring after all, right?”

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