Why you should never marry a Kiambu man

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Maybe try Murang’a, Nyeri, or Kirinyaga dudes. Not that Kiambu guys are really bad, just that they need some polishing up in order to suit the modern woman.

It’s unfortunate that these guys live some few kilometers from Kenya’s capital and still can’t compare to their mates who hardly visit the city.

You see ladies, if you want a man who can pamper you and treat you like a queen, a Kiambu man will never do this. They may be successful in big businesses but it pains them to spend their money on a woman. You will hear them talk of how they cannot buy a woman this or that as if it is a taboo.

These men are also so full of themselves and they can never listen to you. Which woman does not appreciate a man who listens to her? They should probably get some lessons from their Nyeri counterparts especially on the right way to treat a woman.

Sadly, they make some of the worst cooks probably because they still hold to the belief that the kitchen is a woman’s place. If you make food and leave it in the fridge, a Kiambu man will still call you from the chama to come and warm it for him. Otherwise, he will stay hungry until you are back home.

The Kikuyus have had most of their traditions eroded by the western culture. Some traditions, however, still hold among the Kiambu people. Their men are staunch traditionalists who cannot babysit or help you with chores around the house. Even if you left for the bathroom and the tea is boiling, they will watch it spill on the floor.

Imagine travelling all the way from your village in Nyeri to visit your boyfriend in Gatundu only to find that they are still waiting for you to make dinner for the two of you. Would you not punch his face and tell him to get himself another woman?

I mean, these dudes are just too much and need to be rescued before they drown in their pride.


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