6 good reasons why you should marry a Kikuyu woman

You won't regret it

When choosing a woman to marry, people will tell you that a woman is just a woman but that's a big lie. Where a woman comes from, her character and charisma are all things you should put in mind while making your choices.

But hey, the daughters of Mumbi make great wives and you should give it a thought. Read on as I tell you why you should consider marrying a Kikuyu woman.

1. They are smart

You cannot talk of intelligence without a mention of the daughter of Mumbi and Gikuyu. While they may not have been gifted with the best body shapes, intelligence was generously given to them. Whenever you are stuck, be sure they will save your life with their brilliant ideas. There is always a solution to every problem and they hardly get it wromg.

2. Great at saving

Heard that Kikuyus are good in business? Well, this is not just another stereotype. If you leave 200 shillings to your wife to buy food, trust you me she will use 150 and save the rest. Before you know it, she will be operating a kiosk without asking for your financial aid. Who wouldn't want such a woman?

3. Entrepreneurial

Ask an elderly Kikuyu woman what she wants at 80 years and you will be surprised at her response. As old as she may be, her dream to own residential apartments or have several matatus is still alive. They never go wrong in business and she will push you to start that business you have been postponing for years until you wake up from that comfort zone.

4. Hardworking

It does not matter whether you lost your job or the business is doing badly. Your kids will never sleep hungry with a Kikuyu woman as your wife. They are hardworking in nature and they will do all they can to put food on the table. When it's about feeding her family, she will not care about her degrees or titlles.

5. Supportive

In sickness, in poverty and tribulations, a Kikuyu woman will always stand by you. She will support you achieve your dreams, be the best wife and mother to your children and ensure you are well taken care of. Forget about the stereotype of Kikuyu women and their love for money. No Kikuyu lady will ever leave you because you lost your job. They will not even care about being the breadwinner so long as you are also making an effort.


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