4 things 'I love you' does not mean

Don't get it twisted

When it’s romantic love, it brings more confusion and controversy. When two people are in love, there are expectations from each side and sometimes misunderstandings that result to heart breaks.

But what does the phrase ‘I love you’ mean and what does it not mean? Sadly, most people just blurt the words without giving it a second thought.

Here are four things that ‘I love you’ does not mean:

1. I will never hurt you

We are all humans and bound to make mistakes. If someone say that they love you, it does not mean that they immediately turn into angels and they can never hurt you. They will hurt you, disappoint you, make you cry and sometimes regret for choosing them. So, when someone disappoints you, don’t be so fast to question their love. Even our own parents who love us so much have in one time or another hurt our feelings.

2. That I will never leave you

Love comes and goes. Therefore, someone may love you today and the love may fade tomorrow. Just because someone pledged their love to you does not mean that they will stick to you to your death bed. If it’s no longer working, don’t expect them to remain by your side simply because they love you. Love is not everything.

3. Taking advantage of each other

People can get so notorious when they know that someone truly loves them. If your partner says they love you, it does not give you the green light to take advantage of their weaknesses or try to manipulate them. Always know that there are people who would treat them better if they chose to leave.

4. That I will never say no

You cannot always say yes to everything simply because someone said they love you. If he asks you to go for a sleep over at his place, you don’t have to just because he loves you and you love him back. You have a life and ‘yes’ cannot always be the answer. You might disappoint them by saying no but then, such is life.

Next time you think of using the words ‘I love you’, know the real meaning before using them.


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