For two people to peacefully correlate as husband and wife, it takes love and commitment from both parties.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and marriage is not any exception. Even though man is to error, some mistakes people make in marriages can easily bring down the entity.

For now, let’s delve into some of the most dangerous mistakes that women make in marriage;

1. Comparison

Your husband can never be like your ex, your brother or any other man. Comparison is a game that no one ever wins and it will surely bring down your marriage. Comparing your husband with other men makes him feel inadequate and he might as well look for someone else who will appreciate him as he is.

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2. Focusing more on kids

Once a woman bears children, things are bound to change and they have to divide their love and attention between the husband and the children. In as much as you want to give all the love and attention to your kids, you should not let the children take all the love until you forget that you are still married to someone who needs you as well.

3. You stop trying

Remember how hard you tried to look good for him when you were dating? Sadly, women get too comfortable once they are married: they stop visiting the salon regularly, getting new and sexy outfits and playing sweet.

4. Appreciating your man

Learn to appreciate his little efforts and be grateful for the little things he does for you. If he offers to make dinner or do the dishes, do not take it for granted. Men especially love it when you notice their efforts and it also boosts their ego.

5. Trying to be always right

We all make mistakes and everyone should admit when they are wrong and apologize. Some women are always trying to justify their wrongs even when they know very well they are wrong. What they do not understand is that accepting your mistakes and apologizing does not make you a lesser woman.