Every woman has that ability to tell whether a guy is good for her or not.

There those men that come off like douche bags right off the bat while for others the signs may be a bit hidden and women usually miss them easily.

Here are 5 clear signs that he is not boyfriend material.

1.He’s still trying to figure out his life

The guy barely has his life together. Be it career wise or even emotionally – he is just not ready and honestly he may not be the best boyfriend to you if he is still in this funk.

Let him figure his life out and if the two of you are meant to be then it will happen – don’t linger around waiting for him though; life has to move on.

2.You can't seem to agree on anything regarding your future

Whenever you bring up anything to do with the future of your relationship, the two of you are always differing.

You can’t seem to come to a common ground from the very beginning so how will you be able to sort issues in the future?

You may miss it in the beginning of the relationship and probably brush it off but it may manifest into something that you wouldn’t want to be a part of.

3.He’s already let you down

When a guy likes you, he will do everything to make sure they impress you.

The problem comes in when he has already done something that you would consider a deal breaker even before the two of you hit the ground running.

Warning sign right there.

4.He is not honest about his past relationships

He is very secretive about his past and rarely speaks about it. Yes, it is possible that things may have been really bad in his past but it shouldn’t be so hard for him to simply say that things were bad and he is not ready to talk about it.

Completely shutting down the idea of talking about his past can come off pretty suspect.

5.He’s too busy for you

When a guy likes you he will make time for you. Yes sometimes he’s honestly just that busy and can’t make it to meet up with you that day or he’s had a long day and he may be tired. If it is a consistent occurrence though, then it may be a sign that he may do a lot of that in the relationship as well.