5 signs you are dating an insecure man

Signs you may have missed.

It could range from commonly known issues such as financial status and problems in the bedroom to just plain being obsessive over their partners.

While some partners will be able to spot that their boyfriends are insecure, others may miss the signs.

Check out the five warning signs that you may be dating an insecure person.

1.He always wants to be with you

Like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It may be sweet at first but after a while, it does get a little bit weird. He never wants you to do anything without him and could even get upset if you do something without him.

2.He thinks you are cheating on him

One common sign of insecurity, not only in men but women as well, is accusing your partner of being unfaithful.

No matter how many times you try to convince them that you are not being unfaithful, they will still hang it over your head every chance they get. For example, if you speak to another man or have a good relationship with another man.

They have a feeling that you may be doing them dirty even when you aren’t.

3.He is constantly speaking about his cheating exes

He is constantly bringing them up and victimizing himself because they cheated on him.

At first, it is normal or expected for one to be sympathetic towards such feelings but you shouldn’t be guilt tripped into always convincing him that you won’t hurt him.

4.He threatens to break up with you

If your man is insecure, he will try to test you and your loyalty to him. One way he may do this is threaten to break up with you whenever things get bad.

They may not actually want to break up with you but may just want to see whether you will actually take the bait – which really sucks.

5.He needs constant validation

An insecure man will always want validation from you.

Questions of whether you truly love him and why you do so are nothing new to you. And when you do re-assure him, he still doesn’t buy it. *sigh*


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