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9 best compliments you can give a woman

Say these nine things to a woman and put a smile across her face.

Talk about how good their hair looks or how you like their eyes. It’s bound to put a smile on their face.

This shouldn’t be confused with cat calling however – that’s a whole different story but we want to focus on the best compliments you can give a woman.

1.You are good at what you do


Any woman would love to hear that their man actually pays attention to what they do for a living. You may not understand what it entails exactly but letting her known that you noticed how good she is at what she does goes a long way.

2.You’re different

Women like to feel special so letting her know how different she is – not just saying that she’s not like any other woman; fuckboys please – will definitely put a smile across her face.

Remember to focus on what makes her different rather than generalizing the compliment.

3.I have learned so much from you


Women like to feel like they’ve added value to your life. If she’s actually helped you out with something, it won’t be such a bad idea to give her credit for it.

4.You’re sexy

What men find sexy in their woman depends on the woman they are with. It could be the way she laughs or the way she walks that they find irresistible. Don’t keep it to yourself, let her know; you’ll never know what transpires after that – wink.

5.You have such great (insert body feature)

Majority of women have at least one insecurity when it comes to their bodies. Whether they feel like their legs are too skinny or they have a big forehead, it eats up at them.


Most men in love rarely notice these insecurities but if you find that she is hiding her legs more often then you should subtly suggest that you would like her to wear that short dress that shows off her legs more cause you like her legs – confidence boost right there.

6.You look amazing today

Women take forever to get ready even when they intend not to. If she spends a lot of time getting ready then it should be for a purpose, either for herself or for her man and she would like to hear that all her efforts haven’t all gone to vain.

7.I love spending time with you

Telling a woman that you like spending time with her will make her feel like she’s great company. No one wants to be a bore. Plus she feels extra special.


8.You’re hilarious

There’s this notion that women aren’t really funny but if they weren’t then there wouldn’t be so many successful comediennes then – but that’s beside the point.

Women like knowing that they can make you laugh and happy. Period.

9.You’re food is amazing

They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach so her hearing that you like her cooking is everything.


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