Dangerous mistakes to avoid when bathing the baby

Babies are very delicate

Bathing baby (babysense)

For new moms, bathing a newborn is not usually easy. You need someone to help you with it in the first few days so that you can learn how to do it. Given how delicate babies are, they need to be handled with a lot of care, especially during bath time. The slightest mistake while bathing your baby can make them drown.

Ensure you avoid these mistakes when bathing your baby:

1. No testing the water temperature

The water you use to bath the baby should be lukewarm. Test it first before you put the baby in the tub since babies are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Water that might feel okay for your skin may be too hot for the baby.

2. Leaving the baby in the tub

This should never happen. Even if you need to take something that you forgot, never leave the baby unattended. It only takes a very short time for babies and toddlers to drown.

3. Losing the grip

Accidents happen but we must always do our best to prevent them. If you make a mistake and lose the grip of your baby when bathing them, you will drop them and it may lead to injuries.

4. Bathing with the baby

Bath time is great time to bond with your little one. But having them join you in the bathtub is definitely not a good idea. Their skin is quite sensitive and might react from the regular soaps you use.

5. Forgetting to clean the vital parts

Newborns don’t have to bathe every day. But when you do bath them, you don’t want to forget some parts like the nether regions. Washing the area after urination and bowel movement helps in preventing diaper rash and infections.

6. Not drying the baby well

As soon as you get the baby out of the tub, you should dry them gently. If some areas are still wet, the baby will be cold. After drying them, moisturize their skin then dress them warmly.


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