I fainted when I saw the text messages – of love and infidelity

I was addicted to this girl

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Rita was one of those pretty girls that every man wanted in Campus. The type of girl that makes you swear that you’ll never lay your eyes on any other woman if she ever says yes to you. And true to myself, I never dared to until all hell broke loose.

Being the ambitious guy, I have always been, it didn’t take me long to get her. The fact that I was really good at Maths and Computer units, which she wasn’t good at, put me in a better position to get her.

Love on another level

In a matter of weeks, we were so much in love and it was us against the world. This was the girl I’d take home and finally marry. Or so I thought. This girl was so addictive that we spent most of the time together. I hardly spent time with my boys and even though they were quite concerned, it didn’t really matter to me. So long as I was with this queen who meant heaven to me, others could wait.

I didn’t have much money but from the little I got, I treated her to my best. I would work during the day and attend evening classes. I would gift her often and take her out with her best friend. For months, we let love reign and it did.

Trust issues

Later on, Rita started demanding to have my phone and read my messages. She would text me randomly and demand that I send her a screenshot of my conversations right there and then. Since I was very formal in my conversations and never flirted with women, I would do just what she asked. She would give me her phone to read her messages to prove to me that she wasn’t talking to other men.

I had never suspected her in any way and I never thought she could cheat on me. It was until her best friend Liz hinted to me that trouble was looming. Apparently, Rita was talking to this guy who was driving and with a nice job. According to Liz, Rita was quite receptive to the guy. The guy had even taken the two of them out for pizza.

When I confronted Rita, she reassured me that it was only me she loved. The other guy was older and she didn’t feel a thing for him. Of course, I took her words. She had never given me a reason to doubt her. Or maybe I was too blinded by love to see things clearly.

Shortly after, Rita brought up the phone issue again. She complained that I wasn’t giving her my phone and as a result, she wanted a break. I respected her opinion and gave her space.

Unprotected sex and infection

It was after this that she began seeing the ‘rich’ guy frequently. She would then start requesting to see me but I was hesitant. She couldn’t even bring herself to confess what she had done. It was her friend Liz who told me that Rita was quite unwell since the day she visited the other guy and they had unprotected sex.

When I refused to meet her, she had shown up at home at night crying and begging for my forgiveness. That she didn’t know what had led her to cheat was her explanation. She even threatened to spend the night on the veranda if I didn’t forgive her. It was after I promised her that we would talk it over later that she agreed to leave.

Rita tried to commit suicide

So, when we finally met at the Computer lab to discuss the issue, I was given the phone to read her conversation with the ‘rich’ guy. The guy had given her the directions to his place and I couldn’t believe that the only woman I had loved with all I had was actually seeing another man. Then I saw the shock of my life. “Did you cum inside?” read the message. I was so furious that I threw away the phone. The next thing I realized, I was lying on the floor surrounded by people. I had fainted out of anger, disappointment, and disbelief.

Meanwhile, Rita’s friends were busy in the bathroom trying to stop her from drinking a concoction of soda and some pills to commit suicide.

Anyway, I later took Rita to Mater hospital where she was diagnosed with a vaginal fungal infection and was treated. I forgave her, we got back together but things were no longer the same. Sex sucked and everything seemed so forced. We had to bring the relationship to an end and part our ways.

This narrator requested anonymity.


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