Why s3x with a kienyeji man is the best (Part 2)

Jonte had just given me my first orgasm

Orgasm (Courtesy)

Of course, for someone whose normal lunch was milk and bread, they wouldn’t say no to a proper meal. Jonte followed me back to the house as we got the formalities out of the way as we walked. Yeah, I guess you could call me a thirsty ass bitch. Who goes and randomly grabs a mjengo guy from the shop for an afternoon fuck? Lol. Things being horny will make you do chei!!!!

Jonte took off his shoes and hat and pulled out one of the chairs at the dining table, he didn’t want to make the sofa dirty. I had made myself some food and I asked him what he was going to drink as I served him.

“Juice kama uko nayo ama maji baridu tu.” He requested.

I removed the leso I had tied around my waist to go to the kiosk and underneath, I was in booty shorts and a bare back top. Those were like the in things back then. I wanted Jonte to get a hint of exactly why I had invited him over. As I walked by, he admiringly said “Eh, kwani umeamuaje tena. Si unanimurder na hizo shorts?”. “Umezilike eh?” I asked as a I did a twirl for him to get that 360-degree view, casually moving closer and standing in between his legs. He had gotten the hint – game on!

His hands grabbed my ass and he started squeezing it as though checking for ripeness, as he buried his face in my breasts. He untied my top and started sucking on my breasts, holding the two of them and sucking and licking the nipples in intervals. At this point, I didn’t care about his dusty sweaty face or the pungent sweat smell emanating from his armpits. I wanted that dick at all costs. Jonte, while licking the sides of my breasts turned me around and took the licking a notch higher, focusing on my neck and shoulders and going up and down my spine with his tongue. Lord, talk about me discovering I had erogenous zones I never even knew about. Still fully clothed, he took off my shorts and shyly, I told him I hadn’t shaved “Haina wahs mrembo. Hizi vitu ata tunazitakanga tu zikiachwa natural hivi.”

There I was, fully naked, horny and giving my body and soul to someone I barely knew – but anything for that orgasm right? Jonte turned me around, spanking my ass and admiring every bit of my body before standing and bending me over on the dining table where he then knelt and ate my ass like the groceries Jhene Aiko talks about in that song with Chris Brown and Omarion. It was the first time ever someone had licked my ass. This man Jonte had skills for days - he spat on it and kissed the cheeks as he moved his tongue up and down my bum to the perineum, stopping to stare and hiss and spank me. Meanwhile, I was holding on to the table, still bent over while he took a mini break to take off his clothes. I could hear him unbuckle his jeans and it didn’t take him long. He then flipped me over, laid me on the table on my back, spread my legs apart and knelt before digging into the meal that was before him. Now I totally understand what Nonini meant when he sang “Ushaiguzwa mahali ukaskia kukojoa?”. That tongue work was literally everything. I was in a trance, I was seeing stars, I had had my pussy eaten before, but certainly not the way Jonte was devouring my flower. I couldn’t see his face, I didn’t even want to lift my head to look at him, I was lost in a world I probably never wanted to come out of for a few seconds. Jonte then put a finger in me, pulled up my vagina with his other hand and started coordinating both licking and fingering me. I could feel my pelvic bone begin to rise and my thighs quiver “Oh yesssssssss. Oh fuck yessssssss.” OMG I had just had my very first orgasm. It felt like a dream – surreal.


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