6 biggest misconceptions about stay at home moms

They are not lazy for Pete's sake

Distrubed mom (Ebony Magazine)

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. That is why unless you are a stay at home mom, you can never have a clear picture of what it is like. The same way, a stay at home mom may never understand the life of a working mom. The truth is, there are challenges for both stay at home and working moms.

While each group may judge the other, they are all moms trying to do what they got to do to be the best moms. So, do not judge. You might have heard people say nasty things about stay at home moms. In most cases, it’s usually not the truth. Some of them are just misconceptions that we should forget about.

1. Stay at home moms are wealthy

Just because she stays at home doesn’t mean that she is married to a wealthy man or comes from a rich family. Sometimes it’s cheaper to raise your own children than have to employ a nanny or enroll your child to a daycare.

2. They are lazy

This is another misconception people have about stay at home moms. By the end of the day, these moms are usually so tired from all the house chores and looking after the children.

3. They don’t care about their careers

For some, it’s just sacrifice. They would really want to go back and pursue that master’s degree but they choose to first raise their kids. Some have had horrifying experiences with nannies and have since lost trust with them.

4. They enjoy all the free time in the world

You might even envy them because you think they Netflix all morning and nap all afternoon. But try staying with your kids at home for one week and you will understand that it’s not that easy.

5. They are not educated

‘Why else would an educated career woman choose to be a stay at home mom?’ Well, some of these moms have degrees and had huge careers before they became moms. In fact, some of them are just waiting for their kid to turn a certain age and they will be back to work.

6. They are a burden to their partners

Staying at home is in most cases a decision arrived at by both partners for the well-being of their child. If they are able to operate with one income, then that’s perfectly okay. Also, some moms work from home so they are not entirely dependent on their husbands.


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