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Not so common baby names that you could consider in 2020

Cute names for your bundle of joy

Smiling baby(Atlanta Black Star)

Some baby names are cute but so common that you might not want to give them to your baby. If the uniqueness of the baby's name matters to you, you still have so many options to choose from.

Check out this list of some names that are not so common and their meanings:

Baby boy names and their meanings

  1. Leo – lion/brave
  2. Elias – Jehovah is God
  3. Charlie – free man
  4. Jason - healer
  5. Rey - king
  6. Gabriel – God is my strength
  7. Rowan – little red head
  8. Eli - uplifted
  9. Israel – he who struggles with God
  10. Leonard – lion/brave

Baby girl names and their meanings

  1. Luna - moon
  2. Mila - gracious
  3. Elena – shining one
  4. Gianna – God is gracious
  5. Ruby – precious stone
  6. Gabriella – God is my strength
  7. Nicole - victory
  8. Elianna – God has answered me
  9. Gianna – God is gracious
  10. Layla - night


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