Life coach Robert Burale’s advice to ladies looking for husbands

Here’s the secret to getting that husband

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So the clock is ticking, the 30s are approaching and you still haven’t gotten yourself a boyfriend leave alone a husband? The pressure from friends and relatives can be too much to bear. But hey, relax. Maybe you haven’t been doing it right and it’s the reason you are yet to find your significant other.

City pastor and life coach Robert Burale has a message that may be of help to you. Burale shared some pretty awesome advice to ladies who are looking for husbands in one of his social media handles.

You have to go on dates

According to the city pastor, praying is not enough and there’s no way that prayers will just drop a husband to you like manna from heaven.

You can’t pray from Monday to Sunday 8-5. You need to go on a date and get to know somebody. You just don’t expect to pray, sit at home, and the man will just come knocking at your door as if he’s coming for the census” advised Burale.

And since dating is not one way, Burale also had a message to men, particularly Christian men who think dates are demonic.

Robert Burale’s advice to men on dating

“When you take a lady on a date, it doesn’t mean that you have to carry the King Jame’s version of the Bible, New Living Translation, Message Bible, and the lady tells you have good eyes and you say it is well and now you want to do the benediction.” Said Burale.

Burale went on to advice that the dates don’t have to be in a kesha or choir practice and there’s nothing wrong about going on a date.

“There’s nothing demonic, you can even hold hands. But some of you when someone tries o hold your hands, you start saying ooh I come against the spirit of Jezebel. People, have wisdom!” He warned.

Crystal clear and on to you now. Don’t shy away from going out on those dates and meeting new people. It’s the only way out singlehood.


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