Women can unknowingly disrespect their men by doing the simplest of things.

Here are five ways they do that.

1.Telling your secrets to all her friends

If you are in a relationship there are some things that are supposed to be just between the two of you. Women are not the best secret keepers so some of them feel the need to overshare certain details about their relationship with their friends.

2.Keeping you in the friend zone

A lot of women will not admit it but they may keep you in the friend zone just in case something may spark between the two of you in the future. Mean but true.

What women need to realize though is that they are doing the exact same thing they don’t want guys to do which is keep them hanging around until they are ready to date – not cool ladies

3.Publicly humiliating them

If the two of you are having issues, it’s better to talk about it behind closed doors. Stop trying to paint him out to be the bad guy just because it’s easy to do so.

Put your big girl panties on and handle those issues like the mature woman that you are.

4.Criticize them

They try do something nice for you and you criticize how they’ve done it and how they should have done it. Just accept it and say thank you.

5.Flirting with other guys

You wouldn’t want to see him flirting with other women so why are you flirting with other guys.