It’s easier to pretend that you are happily married even when you are not.

However, deep down in your heart, you truly know that your marriage is in a sinking ship only that you have no courage to face the reality.

These five signs are a clear indication that you are in a loveless marriage:

1. Pointing fingers

If it has reached a point where no one is willing to take charge of their mistakes and you are always placing blame on your partner, your marriage needs redemption. In a happy marriage, every partner accepts their mistakes and apologizes.

2. No communication

So your partner came home dead drunk or slept out but you do not bother to ask. In fact, you have gotten used to it and you actually don’t give a damn about it. Well, that marriage is as good as doomed. A great marriage is where both spouses speak up about everything and anything affecting their marriage.

3. No longer get intimate

It’s sad that some couples have been married for years but they can’t even remember the last time they made love. Some cannot even share a bed because they no longer feel sexually attracted to their partners.

4. Prefer confiding in someone else

Do you find it easier to share your secrets with someone else rather than your partner? This just shows that you have lost trust in them and you cannot be happily married to someone you do not trust with your issues.

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5. Never solve problems

So you fight frequently but none of you is ready to solve the problem. If you feel no need to solve your differences and you are always saying, ‘let’s not talk about it’, it’s clear that you no longer care about your marriage.

6. You ignore your conscience

Pay close attention to your conscience, it never lies. If your inner self tells you that you are not happy and it yearns for love, this is a sign that things have gone awry. People ignore their gut because they may feel that taking a certain action is not logical. Thus, they end up binding themselves in an unhappy marriage for not trusting their gut.