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Why men don't marry physically attractive women

Men prefer 'less attractive' women for long term relationships.

A study published in the British Journal of Psychology, found that men rated women with more feminine facial features to be more suitable for a fling.

In the study, the researchers compiled a number of pictures of women’s faces – there were two versions of each woman’s face with one of them having slightly more feminine features while the other more masculine features.

The men were then asked to choose which ones they would prefer for a long or short term relationship.


The study found that more men ‘may actually prefer less attractive/feminine women’ for long term relationships.

“When a man has secured a mate, the potential cost of being discovered may increase his choosiness regarding short-term partners relative to unpartnered men, who can better increase their short term mating success by relaxing standards,” the study was quoted in the Business Insider.

Some of the features highlighted in the study were women with smaller jawbones and fuller cheeks which are linked to a woman’s attractiveness as it shows good health, youthfulness and fidelity.

Some of the reasons why men prefer to date attractive women instead of marrying them include:


Insecurity issues as previous research has shown that attractive women are likely to be unfaithful especially if their partner is not so attractive.

Apparently some men will always wonder about who their woman is interacting with when they are not with them and that can is something they do not want to deal with.

Attractive women seek attention. Men like simplicity and apparently attractive women are more concerned with their outward appearances and less concerned with honing other 'wifely' traits.

It is hard to keep up with some of the standards of attractive women.

Another reason is the fact that attractive women are reportedly high maintenance. This is in terms of their lifestyle which includes the way they dress and how they physically take care of them which some men cannot keep up with.


It should be noted that most of these reasons are arguable and do not necessarily apply to all men and women.


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