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7 important s3x related questions you need to ask a new partner

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When you’re getting into a new relationship, one of the things you look for is sexual compatibility. At one point, you’re of course going to have sex and you hope that your new partner will kiss you right and satisfy sexually. It’s not always the case, but at least it’s something they can learn, if that’s not a deal breaker for you. It’s always important to ask a few questions early on in the relationship to have a feel on whether or not you’re compatible and also to know what to do and maybe, what not to do. That being said, here are important sex related question to ask a new partner.

1. If they have ever had an STD.

It’s a sensitive question, in fact, you’re most likely not going to get an honest answer to this because no one wants to be judged. It’s however good to know whether or not he/she has ever been treated for an STD and if they have any HIV/Herpes which really, cannot be cured. It’s really important to let your partner know if you have something that could potentially be transmitted to them.

2. On that note, ask them if they’re willing to have a test, together.


In this day and age, it’d be very risky to go sleeping around with a new partner prior to getting tested. Even if you’re using protection, you will likely have some oral sex too and that could put you at risk of getting STIs if your partner is infected. The best thing you can do is going for a testing together, not just for HIV but also for STDs so as to know you’re both safe, then staying faithful to each other.

3. What their favorite sexual experience was.

This will help you gauge how kinky or how non-experimental they are so that you judge if you’re likely to be compatible or not.

4. What they like in bed and what they’re not comfortable with.


For instance, not everyone is okay with a finger up their ass or anal sex. You definitely don’t want surprises during coitus.

5. If they like oral sex.

I personally would never be in a relationship with someone who dislikes oral sex. It’s a deal breaker for me. How do you just remove clothes and go straight into action? Nah…it’s important to find out if that’s something they’re willing to do or not.

6. If they like to try new things sexually and they’re spontaneous.


This will help you know if they’re willing to try new things in bed, like having sex in the kitchen instead of always the bed, or they’re the boring in bed kind.

7. What turns them on.

This will help you switch on the right buttons.


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