Maybe you have heard of couples who no longer have sex and you wonder what happened. Or God forbid, you could be one of them. The spark is lost, and you and your partner are no longer sexually attracted to each other. Men, in most cases, tend to lose interest with time for one reason or the other.

So, as a woman, what are you supposed to do in order to keep the sexual spark alive in your relationship? Well, of course both parties should play part, but for today we focus on the role of women. Sex expert Maurice Matheka shared some tips during a live interview with Pulse Live Kenya.

Talk about it

Black couple in bed (Courtesy)
Black couple in bed (Courtesy)

The first thing you will want to do is accept that there is a problem in your relationship. Next is talk about it and figure out how you are going to deal with it.

Have a sexual connection

According to this expert, the sexual spark is more about having a sexual connection than simply spicing it up.

“The first thing you need to ask yourself is, ‘are you and your man sexually connected?’Does your man just see you as a label?’ A man needs to see you more than just the mother of his kids. If you forgot how to love your man sexually, he will start having erections for other women and not you” Maurice notes.

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Know where the stimulus is


What stimulates your man? You see, women have a G-spot and each man should know where it’s located. Likewise, guys have their sweet spots as well. You need to know what stimulates your man and which spots get him excited. The balls work for some men and the prostate area is also a sensual area for guys. The latter can be addictive which is why Maurice doesn’t always recommend it.

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Actually, he notes that having a finger stimulating a guy’s prostate area through the anus is so powerful that he can ejaculate without a boner!

Talk about what you both love

Intimate couple(celebzmagazine)
Intimate couple(celebzmagazine)

Even though most people avoid having the sexual conversation, Maurice Matheka insists that it’s very important for keeping that sexual spark alive. It’s the only way you can know what your partner loves. Ask your man how he likes you doing the blowjob and the handjob as well.

Learn sensual lovemaking

This expert tells us that sex is more than penetration. So patience, concentrating on what excites your man and stimulating the important parts during foreplay is something that your man is definitely going to appreciate.