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Foolproof signs that it's just a fling and nothing serious

Jipe shughuli

Signs it's just a fling(aeshaonline)

So you just met this hottie and you all over them. You are already picturing yourself walking down the aisle with them. And ooh, you two are going to have dozens of kids and be the perfect #couplegoals. How I’d love to tell you that your dreams are valid but no. Some dreams are just that, dreams.

It’s very possible that this person you can’t get off your mind feels nothing serious about you. In other words, it’s just a fling. It’s sad but you will save your heart a great deal by not investing in a relationship with such a person.

But how do you know if it’s something serious or it’s only a fling? Watch out for these signs before you get your heart crushed:

1. They never introduce you to any friends or family


If the person you are seeing has never introduced you to any of their friends or family, that should be a red flag. It means that what you have isn’t serious enough or they have someone else already.

2. You have never had a real conversation

When it’s something serious, you have deep conversations and open up to each other. But if all you talk about is Netflix, weather, and celebrities, don’t invest in that relationship.


3. Your connection is only physical

Don’t get me wrong, the physical connection is really important. But if you only connect physically, it’s just a short-lived fling. You need to be emotionally and even spiritually connected to someone with whom you wish to have a serious relationship.

4. They never talk about their future with you


Why would anyone talk about having a future with you if they don’t intend to spend it with you? They would rather avoid the subject.

5. They hardly get in touch

And when they do, it’s just for sex. If that’s not what you want, run for your life.

6. You are always indoors


They don’t want to be seen with you. So you either meet at some odd hours or stay indoors all day.

7. They have never been in a serious relationship

Sounds great to be someone’s first love. But ask yourself why an over 25 person has never been in a serious relationship. You should be worried because they could be just enjoying the fling before it fades away.


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