7 clear signs you are over and done with your ex

Out with the old

Single woman

Breakups are never easy, even for the strongest of us out there. But, as cliche as it sounds, time heals everything - with time, you completely forget about your ex and move on with your life. It's even hilarious when you think that at one point, you really thought that you could not live without that person. But moving on from your ex takes a lot of effort. You got to have the strength to focus on yourself and do things that distract you from the ex such as focusing on your career, passions and hanging out more with your friends instead of wallowing in sorrow and after some time, you will be just fine. Have you been healing from a breakup? Here are signs that you're completely over your ex:

1. You feel whole again.

You no longer listen to sad songs or check your old photos and start crying. You're at peace with the fact that that chapter is closed for good.

2. You do not follow or stalk them on social media.

A while back, you would spend a lot of time stalking them on social media to see what they're upto and maybe see if there's a replacement yet. These days, you couldn't be arsed.

3. You are starting to see other people without feeling guilty.

You are slowly starting to move on and even going on dates with other people, without feeling an ounce of guilt. You want to be in love again even though you're pacing yourself.

4. You have deleted their contact, and every last memory of them.

You've reached a point where you no longer think about the "What ifs" and "What could've beens". You've erased every thought of ever getting back together and you're okay with that decision.

5. You no longer hate them like you did.

In fact, you're friends or there's the possibility of friendship in the future. You genuinely wish them happiness and are okay with them moving on to other people.

6. When you hang out with your friends, your ex is no longer the subject of discussion.

Out with old, in with the new.

7. You're genuinely enjoying being single and you feel content as you are.

Most important, you know exactly what you want in your next relationship. You know what to tolerate and what to. At the end of the day, we should choose to look at breakups as a lesson learned instead of regretting the experience.


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