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Tips on how to initiate a conversation with an online crush

These tips will ensure you get a reply


By now we all now what sliding into the DM means right? Unless you’re either old, boring and not woke or you pretty much know nothing about social media. It’s okay though, that’s what we are here for. To keep you informed. So sliding into the DM (Direct Message) basically means messaging someone you have a crush on.

If we are being honest, it’s not one of the easiest things to do. I always say it’s easier to message someone who knows you exist though, say this chic you follow on Twitter and she follows you back. As opposed to messaging a random stranger or celebrity. It’s not an easy task, you need to be ballsy and have the confidence of 100 Okoyes (Black Panther) but we will show you how to successfully slide into the DM.


1. First things first, make sure that your profile is open.

As in, not private and it’s at least interesting. The first thing the person you DM will do is stalk you to see if you’re worth replying to.

2. Be reasonable and realistic.

Stay in your lane and DM people in your league. I mean, an average looking Wanjala messaging Kim Kardashian and expecting a reply…erm, darling, it doesn’t work that way.

3. Have a great conversational starter, in line with shared interests.


If you’re messaging a chic who loves travelling for example, you could start with a compliment on her travels or a question on travel, and one that makes sense of course. Make sure the topic is on something relatable cause hey, you're a stranger...remember?

4. Avoid being generic.

“Hey” “Wassup” “WYD?” do you really expect to get a reply? No one has the time.

5. You can never go wrong with a good joke, meme or gif.


Remember the conversation starter point in number three? Yeah, something relatable or funny will most likely get a reply if you’re lucky…

6. Handle rejection like an adult.

If you get no reply, be patient, do not keep blasting the crush with messages. Especially if you’re messaging someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, they probably get tones of messages on a daily so replying all messages might seem far-fetched. If you’re rejected, accept and move on. Remember you’re not Channing Titaum.


Never ever slide into the DM dick first.


8. If you’re successful, be consistent.

Keep the conversation going, take it slow and be consistent. Soon, you will get to slide into the Whatsapp and maybe even into the panties if that’s your goal of course. Wait…that’s definitely the goal right?

Now, go on and get sliding...



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