Struggles only a pregnant woman can understand

Pregnancy is not a walk in the park

exercise for pregnant women

If you thought being pregnant is a walk in the park, ask a pregnant woman or any woman who has ever been pregnant. They will tell you that it’s not easy at all. There are struggles and sacrifices they have to make in order to carry that life for a whole nine months.

Unless you have worn the shoes, you will never understand these struggles of being pregnant:

1. You crave all the weird stuff

You have never liked pepper all your life. But now, all you want is lots of it. In fact, food can’t go down your throat if it doesn’t have pepper.

2. Tying our shoes becomes almost impossible

How do you even do it? You can as well put on your sandals than have to bend to tie your shoelaces.

3. Wait until something falls

You have to debate between letting it lie right there or breaking your back to pick it. It’s tough.

4. Peeing after every few minutes

You get in bed and before you hardly fall asleep, you want to pee again. By the time it’s morning, you have probably peed 1000 times.

5. Unwelcome comments and touches from people

No, you don’t have to touch my bump or say how huge it is. It can get very uncomfortable when people seem to notice nothing about you but your baby bump.

6. Did someone just eat my cake?

So you left a piece of cake in the fridge and you have been thinking about it all day. But then you get to the house only to realize that somebody ate it. Ouch, it hurts! You want to turn that person into a cake and eat them instead.

7. Third trimester last forever

You are so close to getting there but for some reason, days and nights seem longer. You are tired physically, emotionally and mentally. All you want is for the EDD to come fast and save you from all the troubles.


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