6 tips to finding love online

Honesty is the best policy

Online dating(Fab Magazine)

Ever tried online dating? If no, you should consider giving it a try. Who knows you might actually meet your dream partner online! Regardless of what you are looking for in a relationship, chances are that someone online has those qualities and are actually looking for someone like you. Sounds too good to be real? Well, haven’t we seen people who met their partners online and they are now living their happy ever after?

But of course, nothing good comes easy. For you to get love online, you need the right tools as well as a good mindset. Be ready to put in some effort and cast your nets wider. We bet these tips will be helpful if you are considering online dating:

1. Make your profile vibrant

Your profile should speak for you. Make it as vibrant and engaging as possible. Make it in a way such that any person who comes across it wishes to meet you in person before you even talk. Outline your interests, what you are looking for but don’t write a novel. Just a sentence or two.

2. Pick a good photo

It’s the first thing that someone sees when they click your profile. If you leave it blank, very few people will care to look at it. Choose the best photo from your gallery but don’t filter it too much. Just be real and you will attract real people. And don’t just put close up photos. Put a full photo of you taken in good lighting and one that makes you feel good about yourself. It should also be recent.

3. Be honest

Don’t lie about your age or your hobbies. If traveling is not your hobby, you don’t have to list it down just because you want to appeal to everyone. Your perfect match should find you appealing to whatever hobbies you got.

4. Don’t rush up things

Take it slow and don’t be in a rush to bring up sexual chemistry before you meet in person. If both of you are looking for something serious, you will have enough time to build on your sexual chemistry in person over time. Bringing the issue of sex before meeting someone in person may scare a legitimate lover.

5. Know when to move on

If the person does not meet your standards, don’t be afraid to move on. The right person will still find you.

6. Be careful

Most importantly, be very very careful. Be careful about the details you share online and never meet your online date in a private place. whatever you choose to do, ensure you are safe. 


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