5 texting mistakes women make that put off guys

That’s how you lose a good guy

Woman texting(blackcitygirl)

Did you know that your texting habits could actually get you the man you want or chase him away? Before you hit the ‘send’ button, read the message again just to be sure that it does not need correction.

Whether the man is your boyfriend, your crush, a guy who likes you or a male friend, all guys are put off by these texting habits:

1. Sending ‘wrong’ messages

If you wonna text him, just go for it. But sending him a vague message then pretending to have confused the number is a big no. It’s possible to do so once in a while but if you are always sending unintended messages to him, it’s annoying. It shows that you are crying for attention and nothing irritates a man as an attention seeker.

2. One word messages

Turns out guys detest one word responses just like women. Responses such as ‘okay’, ‘cool’, ‘nope’ and the likes is a sign that you are not interested in the chat.

3. Boring conversations

If you have nothing to say, just be silent rather than initiating a boring conversation. No guy wants to discuss the weather through texts.

4. Too many messages

If you send him so many messages, he will think you are too idle and men appreciate a hard worker. Even if you really miss him, go slow on the messages. Give him some time to miss you instead of filling his inbox with messages.

5. Typos

Edit your text message before sending. Reckless typos are the last thing he will want to see.


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