Here’s the harsh truth about dating in your 30s as a woman

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Honesty is the best policy, isn’t it? Then we are just going to be honest with each other and let you know that dating your 30s is not easy. Of course, it has some benefits since you are older, wiser, have a stable job and you know exactly what you want.

We are not saying that you should rush to marry a random person to avoid being caught up by age. This is just to prepare you in advance especially if you are still in your sweet twenties. Ask any woman in her 30s and she will tell you how real the listed below struggles are:

1. Guys want them young

Dating in your 30s is quite a challenge because all the single guys you know want younger women. Your agemates and those who are almost 40 prefer women in their 20s.

2. Or they are too old

The few guys who don’t mind dating you are way too old. And well, you really don’t want to sire children with a guy who’s your father’s age.

3. Young men come after you

There’s nothing wrong about dating a younger guy. But when seventeen years old start chasing you, it gets uncomfortable. And you know for sure that if you make the mistake to date these guys, you have to mother them.

4. The pool is shallow

Unlike when you were in your 20s and knew of 20 single guys who you wouldn’t mind dating, things are different in your 30s. You know what you want better, which is a good thing. But this only leaves you with very few options.

5. The biological clock becomes so real

Especially if you want kids, it starts to hit you that menopause is approaching. Do you just forget about marriage and just get a kid before it’s too late?

6. People try to hook you up

Your friends, aunts and your parents’ friends will be trying to hook you up with all the single guys they know. Some be like, “My nephew is really doing well in business and he is yet to get a wife.”

7. You are intimidating

Now that you have a nice job, you are probably driving and you can afford to pay for your vacations, men find you intimidating. This is especially so if a guy is still struggling financially.

8. You have to deal with baggage

The guys you mostly meet in your 30s are probably divorced or there’s a baby mama in the picture. And sometimes you just have to deal with someone’s baggage if you like him.


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