10 things every guy over 25 years should be capable of doing

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By the time you are 25 years old, most likely, you are already out of college and are probably working. You are leaving on your own and paying your own bills. In short, you are an independent man who can comfortably take care of himself without bothering your relatives.

But aside from that, there are life skills that you should know by this age. Because at this age, you are probably thinking of being in a serious relationship. That means that in a few years to come, you might be a family man. Are you set with right skills to face life?

If you are not sure, try and evaluate yourself with the listed set of skills. If you are not able to do most of them, then you need to do something about it:

1. Fix broken furniture

You are not a carpenter and well, you may not even know how to make a stool from start. But you should be able to fix it if it’s broken. And you shouldn’t be sleeping on a creaking bed because you should know how to fix it.

2. How to cook

You don’t have to know how to bake a cake or make perfect chapatis. But at least, you should know how to fix quick and simple dishes like ugali, rice, beef, and uji.

3. How to change a tyre

Even if you don’t own a car yet, this is a basic skill that you should have. Don’t wait until you get a car to learn such basics.

4. How to ask a girl out

You are no longer a teenager. Honestly, you should have mastered the art of asking a girl out as well as how to treat her.

5. Iron your clothes

Don’t be those guys who walk around with creased up shirts. Ironing your clothes is super easy.

6. Split firewood

I know there is no firewood to split in Nairobi. But when you go to shags or go camping with friends, you should be in a position to give a hand when needed to.

7. Change a diaper

Yes, this is not just for women. You can’t just stare at a helpless child cry yet all they need is a diaper change.

8. Negotiate for better pay

A new job? Make sure you negotiate for better pay and ask for increment in the future. If you don’t, your bosses won’t bother.

9. How to manage your finances

This is no age to get yourself in debts. Learn to manage your income and live within your means.

10. Unclog your drainage

Unless it’s really bad, you don’t have to call the plumber each time your sink blocks.


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