Toxic relationship habits people think are healthy but are not

Have you ever had a toxic partner?


When you hear of a toxic relationship, what comes to your mind? You probably think of an abusive partner, which is right. Even so, there are other relationship habits we tend to think are normal and healthy when in real sense they are just toxic.

If you or your partner have these habits, from today onward, know that they are toxic and you need to stop them ASAP:

1. Constant communication

Don’t get me wrong, communication is very important in relationships. Constant communication is another thing all the same. You are denying each other time to be alone and relate with other people by flooding their inboxes or being around them all the time.

2. Tit for tat

So because your partner did something bad, you think you are justified to pay back? It’s all wrong and toxic.

3. Counting on your partner to make you happy

Happiness is a personal decision and you should not hold your partner responsible for your own happiness. It’s simply burdening them. Work on your own happiness and don’t expect your partner to be the source of your happiness.

4. Blame games

When something is not going as you expect, discuss it with your partner rather than pointing fingers at each other. Toxicity is not just about physical or emotional abuse.

5. Bottling it up

There are times your partner will do something that disgusts you but you don’t feel like talking about it because you know it will only ignite a fight. And so you choose to be silent today, tomorrow and the day after. When your partner asks what is wrong, you just say you are fine. This way, you are not solving anything. Finally, you will have held too much and the kind of fight you will have is definitely going to be worse.

6. Making your partner jealous

If it’s intentional, it’s toxic.

7. Expecting your partner to be a mind reader

Sometimes your partner will hurt you unknowingly and it’s our duty to speak it up. Being mad and silent about it will not solve anything.

8. Keeping a relationship scorecard

This is when you keep a record of all the wrong things your partner did in the past. Then when you fight again, you remind your partner about all the awful things they did just to make them feel guilty.  If they do the same, then you will be fighting to see who did more wrongs than the other which is very dangerous. 


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