Types of Kenyan guys you are likely to encounter on Valentine’s day

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Type of men you encounter on Valentine's day (Business Chief)

So, finally the day we have been looking forward to is just a few hours from now. Ladies, if there is this guy you have been seeing and want to know the real him, wait and see it tomorrow. Of course, how he behaves and treats you tomorrow is not enough to tell the kind of guy that he is but it can make you discover a part of him that you didn’t know before.

This, of course, will not be the first Valentine we will be celebrating. That is to say that even before it’s here, we already know how some guys behave. In case you just do not know what to expect tomorrow, just be ready and hope that everything goes well. But do not put your hopes so high unless you know your man really well.

Here are a few types of Kenyan men you might encounter tomorrow, being Valentine’s day:

1. Mr excuses

This guy will tell you that he has an urgent project at work or an issue at home that he has to travel to attend. Don’t be duped girl, we all know it’s an excuse to avoid treating you.

2. The ‘I don’t care type’

These are the guys who have been so vocal promoting men’s conference. To them, Valentine’s day is just another ordinary day. Don’t expect anything from them – not even a plastic rose worth Ksh 50.

3. The forgetful

In real sense, he is not forgetful but will pretend that he was too occupied to notice it’s Valentine’s day. But really? That’s a white lie.

4. The pinchpenny

He might or might not do something because ‘uchumi ni mbaya’. If he does something, it will be something that won’t cost him a penny. Something like sending you a text message or giving you a WhatsApp call using the office free internet.

5. Money is not a problem type

This is your best type. Sadly, they are a rare breed to find so if you find one, you are one heck of a lucky woman. This is the guy with a grande plan and will go all the way to treat you like the queen you are. He probably has the plans ready for a romantic weekend getaway. Aawe, how lovely!

6. Receives but doesn’t give

So you spent the last one month thinking of the best package to gift your man on Valentine’s day. Too bad for you if your guy is the kind that only takes pleasure in receiving but never gives back.

7. Shows up late with withered flowers

Better late than never, right? But you can’t be late and show up with messy gifts.

8. ‘I am sorry babe’ kinda guy

This one will disappoint you at the last minute. You will have all the plans put together but he will cancel the plans and come up with a reason that doesn’t make sense. Most likely, he was just playing around but didn’t have any real plan.


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