Worst gifts you should not give anyone for Valentine’s day

Love is in the air

Valentine's day gifts(LYFE REPUBLIC)

The streets of the city are already coloured in red. Supermarkets and shopping malls are running offers to make sure that shoppers don’t miss the chance to gift their loved ones. Probably most people have already shopped or ordered the gifts they plan to give their partners tomorrow. But just in case you are one of those Kenyans who rush the last minute, you might be tempted to shop without thinking much about the gift – which should not be the case. Your partner needs to see that you indeed put in some effort and thoughtfulness when buying them a gift.

So that you don’t end up spoiling what could have otherwise been a lovely day between you and your partner, try as much as possible not to gift them with these things:

1. Plastic flowers

Honestly, this is the last thing your girlfriend would want to receive on Valentine’s day. It shows a lack of creativity on your part, and, plastic flowers are as good as dead. Nobody wants dead flowers!

2. Withered flowers

If you will be seeing your lover in the evening, don’t buy flowers in the morning unless you have a way of keeping them fresh. If for some reason you can’t find fresh flowers, get something else instead of a withered bunch of roses.

3. Those cliché red teddy bears all over the streets

Nothing more nothing less; these are just a BIG NO!

4. Giant teddy bear

You might think it’s cute but honestly, what do you expect someone to do with the giant teddy bear? Hang it on the wall or use it as a pillow? You can do better than that.

5. Gym membership

Unless they already go to the gym, don’t gift your partner with a gym membership or gym equipment. It’s like you are insulting them or insinuating that they are fat. They might not take it kindly.

6. The jewellery they would never wear

For you to gift someone with jewellery, you will need to know their preference. If you have no clue, there’s no point buying them a piece of jewellery that will only rust in their jewellery box.

7. A smaller or bigger outfit

Again, unless you know someone’s size, clothes can be very tricky to gift someone. It will be such an embarrassment if you get them something that is too small or too big for them to wear.

8. An old gift

No guys, you can’t just gift someone with your old hoodie and expect them to appreciate it.

9. Nothing at all

Imagine your partner goes all out to treat you and gift you with pricey gifts and you give them nothing. Not right at all.


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