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This Naija outfit is the newest way to shine at a wedding (Photos)

We are stealing this Agbada swag from Naija by force

Unlike long ago when people would just grab some dress and attend a wedding, nowadays, weddings are all about glamour and pizzazz. You have to go that extra mile to look fabulous. While most of us Africans will customarily go for customized Kitenge outfits as our go-to wedding guest outfits, we have talked about other outfits that one can wear to a wedding. And speaking of other outfits, I recently saw a Kenyan lady who attended a wedding draped in an Agbada and she looked stunning y'all.

Let's recap for the sake of those who may not be aware of what I'm talking about.

This is an Agbada...


It's an attire mostly worn by men in parts of West Africa. The term Agbada originates from Nigeria's Yoruba tribe and it means "Voluminous attire". The name is befitting as indeed, an Agbada is a 4 piece matching outfit comprising of ankle length pants, a long sleeved tunic shirt, a loose fitting embroidered garment and a hat. Long ago, the Agbada symbolized wealth and status and was worn on special ceremonial occasions albeit, in recent times, the attire that was introduced to Africa by Arab merchants has been modernized. That's right, while only silk and expensive fabrics were used to make the Agbada, now, you can have one tailor made in different styles and fabrics. In fact, women have also taken up the style and dare I tell you that what a man can do, a woman can do better, cause the women are totally killing it in Agbadas, like the aforementioned Kenyan lady who inspired this piece.

While going for an Agbada, the trick is to have one that fits perfectly, seeing as the loose fitting garment can be a bit voluminous so you don't wanna end up looking like it's wearing you. If you ask me, wearing an Agbada is definitely one way to steal the show at a wedding. If the wedding has no specified dress code, have a pro tailor make you one or buy a ready-made feminine one in vibrant colors, pair it with heels and honey every head will be turning at the wedding, for all the right reasons.

Let's borrow from West African culture and check out how the ladies rock their Agbadas:

1. This lady matched her hat with the Valentino heels. 


2. Check out this monochrome Agbada swag...all pink everything.

3. This lady also went for a pink one but chose to accessorize with a Gele (head turban) instead of a hat.

4. Black Agbada anyone?

5. This lady chose to ditch the pants, called Sokoto. Our thoughts? She still killed it.

6. Burgundy for the win! That color pop is a yay!


7. Imagine you and bae showing up at a wedding in matching Agbadas like this? Damn!

8. Even without the hat or head gear, the outfit still looks dashing.

9. You can definitely wing it when it comes to fabric choices like this striped number.

10. Depending on the style you're going for, you can go all out on the embroidery or keep it moderate.


11. Anyone else feels like they wanna run to the tailor this minute?

12. Lastly, you can go for any color and for more modern designs. A great shoe and hairstyle will definitely level up the look.


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