What to do when you have a crush on your boyfriend’s best friend

It happens

What to do when have a crush on your boyfriend's best friend (BellaNaija)

We are all human and sometimes it’s so hard to choose who we have feelings for. Sometimes you just meet a random guy at the gym and for some reason, you develop a crush on them. This is someone you do not know yet you get butterflies every time they are around you. There are times you will even start falling for the wrong people like your friend’s boyfriend or even your boyfriend’s best friend.

So, what do you if, for instance, find yourself crushing on your boyfriend’s friend? Although there are no written dating rules, it always seems odd and in bad taste if you start having feelings for your partner’s friend. And worst even is when you cheat on your partner with their best friend.

This can be a very confusing situation and we, therefore, got some tips to help you deal with the situation:

A problem shared is a problem half solved. If you have that one friend you trust, open up to them and tell them what is happening. Instead of just making a rushed decision based on your feelings, let your friend give you an opinion about it. They will not only give you honest advice but if they know you well enough, they can probably tell if you are only obsessed with the guy.

Sometimes it’s just their mustache or their six-pack. If it’s merely about the looks, then it’s not worth to end your relationship because you won’t go far with your boyfriend’s friend. It could also be that there are aspects lacking in your relationship or in your man. If that’s the case, you need to understand that nobody is perfect. There are aspects that you won’t like about your crush and there are certain traits your boyfriend already has but your crush doesn’t have.

If you have trouble fighting the intense feelings towards your boyfriend’s best friend, analyze them closely and critically. You might just find out their ugly part and that will be enough to keep you away from them.

If you discover that the specific things lacking in your relationship, work on them with your partner. Once you rekindle the love and intimacy, you will slowly stop desiring their friend because you are contented in your relationship.

If seeing your boyfriend’s best friend is what awakens the feelings, then simply stay away whenever possible. Out of sight out of mind!


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