Clever ways to get rid of your clingy ex

When an ex gets a little bit too clingy, it can be one of the most frustrating times for anyone.

There is so much that you can tolerate however because it gets to a point that you just cannot accommodate your exes feelings anymore and you feel that they may be confusing your accommodation for hopes that the two of you may be getting back together.

You have tried speaking to them about it and tried letting them down easy but they just do not seem to get it and you are running out of patience.

If you are in such a situation or find yourself in such a situation in the future here are some clever ways to tell your ex that the two of you are never, ever, ever getting back together.

1.Talk about how great your new girlfriend/boyfriend is around them

If they call you one day wanting to reminisce your times together, just reply by starting to talk about how amazing your new partner is.

For instance, if they bring up how you used to love their mashed potatoes and stew, let them know that you did but you have recently taken a liking to chicken wings and your new boyfriend/such girlfriend makes the best chicken wings ever.

2.Use social media to help you out by showing off your new life

Any clingy ex will most definitely be stalking you on social media and keeping tabs on everything that you are doing.

Since they are so interested in what you are doing then take advantage of their stalker ways and show them how happy you are, whether you are single or in a relationship.

Pull out those inspirational ‘Getting to know myself better’ quotes and post them so that they can get a hint that the two of you do not stand a chance.

3.Pull the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ line

Sometimes blaming yourself for your relationship going left is the best way to get rid of a clingy ex.

When a relationship does not work out, most of the time either party tends to feel like they should have done something better in the relationship.

So you might just have to take one for the team and put the blame on you even though your partner is in the wrong.

Once they get over their anger their anger of blaming you for everything, they will start to realize that they too were to blame for your relationship ending.

4.Cut off common friends that the both of you had with them

Yes, you had the best time when you, your ex and their friends would hang out. So much so that you got close to some of them.

Though it may be harsh, you might need to cut those friends off especially if they were their friends.

It will hit them that you really do not want anything to do with them or anyone associated with them.

Sucks for the friendships that you made though.

5.Be blunt

They say honesty is the best policy and you may just need to apply this to your ex.

Let them know that you just do not want them anymore and the two of you are a complete disaster together.

Mean but it can be effective.

If they still do not stop bothering you after all this then you are screwed.


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