How to deal with the other woman

Cheating makes the victim feel stupid and undesireable.

The other woman.

You fight about it, he doesn’t seem to get the picture. You don’t want to sound like a nagging wife. Lord knows you hate drama but what's a girl to do when the man of her dreams is chasing another?

You know you can leave but there are children to think about. You don’t want them to grow without a father because who's going to take a divorcee with children to the altar?

These undoubtedly make perfect reasons why you should hate the other woman. Cheating makes the victim feel stupid, undesirable and unworthy of being loved. The idea of another woman in the arms of your man is devastating but while the entitlement to ditch the manhore or fight for your relationship is ripe, there are somethings you have to consider.

Whatever your goal is, whether it is to save your marriage or divorce your spouse, you have to keep a straight head. Don’t lose your dignity over the greediness of a man. You’re worth much more than he realizes and that’s his fault.


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