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'I needed a man in my life' Nicah finally speaks out

Dr Ofweneke's and his baby momma drama told like never before.

Nicah and Dr Ofweneke were on their journey to blissful marriage before they separated.

Speaking to an entertainment sleuth on a phone call that was recorded, he refused to give any comments about whether he beat her or not. In a very calm and collected voice he asked, “Mbona mnataka kunichimba?”

According to Ofweneke a team of lawyers are already dealing with the issue. He explained that he was under clear instructions not to comment on Nicah’s claims that she is now a single mother of two and a battered one at that.

Her official name is Veronicah Wanja and she warmed her way to the hearts of many with adorable pictures of her life with her hubby and kids. However, she has deleted all those pictures from her Instagram page and posted this very alarming one.


According to reliable resources, it all started late last year when the two separated but kept it quiet on social media. Earlier on this year, the news started making rounds on social media just around the same time that the vibe about domestic violence came to light.

Another man

In various posts on social media Nicah come out and put the blame on one Jerry who allegedly has been inciting Dr Ofweneke to ditch his man of the house duties stating that he could get any woman he wants as he is a celebrity. (Lol)

Nicah also said that she had met up her husband at a local supermarket because she was really trying to make things work but Michael let her get rained on after driving off with the car leaving her and her children.

Talk about drama! While Ofweneke has been making claims on various platforms about his cheating fiancée Nicah spoke out and affirmed the story to a local news website.


Meanwhile one Daisy Mumbe has been on the receiving end of Social Media’s rage after stating That Nicah’s allegations were a way of seeking attention and demanding that Nicah explains the reason why she parted ways with Dr Ofweneke. Rumor has it that she’s just a girl looking out for her friend the Comedian.

There seems to be a lot that these two parties are not telling us. Ofweneke’s silence on whether or not he has been a violent man in his relationship with his baby momma is a brow raiser just as much as Nicah’s inability to explain exactly what’s going on between the two.

The truth?

She did speak out though, she explained just how madly in love she was with Sande and how he was the one supporting her. This is what she had to say, “ It is true Dr Ofweneke and I are no longer a couple. At this point I am confused. I don’t know exactly why Dr Ofweneke would beat me up. It could be as a result of negative influence from the company that he keeps.

When we started our relationship, he was violent. I got into the relationship thinking I will change him, but sadly that proved impossible. I refrained from exposing his violent behavior because I wanted my relationship to work. I am a woman!


I am looking at my children considering their future. I do not have something solid to help me generate an income that would keep me afloat in this harsh Nairobi; my name is not that big to grant me big gigs to earn me a significant income. I wanted my relationship to work; I wanted my children to live with their dad.  I needed a man in my life.”

According to one very upset Nicah, Ofweneke is getting away with his actions since she is not as popular as him. She said, “No one wants to tell him the truth; no one wants to publish a story that paints him in a bad light. His name is big. I am trusting in God to help me out."

Dr Ofweneke is yet to explain himself as his phone goes unanswered.


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