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Simple and practical ways to avoid overspending this Christmas period

Save money, Njaanuary is coming!

Shiny golden bull figurine and bauble arranged with money during New Year holiday (Photo: Victoria Emerson)

Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t wait. The gifts, parties, travelling, seeing relatives you haven’t seen in months, and, of course, the eating. But all this is fun until January comes and you realize that you still have to pay rent, go to work, eat and even pay school fees yet you spent all your December salary.

So here is the thing, don’t get trapped this year. Have fun yes, but make sure you don’t overspend.

Check out these tips to help you manage your finances this Christmas period:


Even if you usually don’t make budgets, try it this time. Write down a list of all the things you plan to do and note the price against the activity. How much money do you intend to use on travel, gifts, parties and such? Note that and make sure you stick to that budget strictly.

Now, if you have not already traveled, chances are that by around 22nd December, you will pay more. If you must really travel upcountry this period, then do it before then. Not just for the sake of saving money but also for convenience. If you want to go for a vacation, wait until January or February.


Most shops have goods on offer at this period and the offers might run up to around January. Take advantage of them but be sure to only buy what you need. Don’t get too excited about the offers until you end up overspending.


Adverts will be popping up on your screen from time to time and they can be very tempting. Unless it’s an item on your budget list, ignore those online adverts.

Do you really need to buy a glamorous Christmas tree? Must you gift everyone in shags or take your old friends for drinks so that they recognize you? Save yourself some coins for Njaanuary’s sake.


So your friends are flying to Dubai for Christmas, your colleague is going to Madagascar and all you are planning to do is go to shags and spend time with your folks? Still cool enough. Let whoever go to wherever they want. As for you, do what’s within your means.

That’s doable, right? Enjoy your Christmas!


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