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How to make sure you don't add weight this festive season

Don’t get fat this Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again when we eat, drink, celebrate, rest, sleep and repeat the cycle until January. We work less, eat more and tend to forget about working out. Come January, you come up with a new year resolutions list with weight loss being one of them. But what if we decided to watch our lifestyle during this period to avoid gaining weight?

We are not saying that this is the time you should start dieting, no. But it is also possible to avoid gaining weight during this period albeit it’s not easy.

How to avoid getting fat this Christmas

1. Learn to say no


There will be lots of delicacies waiting for you and it’s difficult to resist a sumptuous meal when everyone else is eating. Even so, if you really do not want to add weight during the holiday season, you must learn to say no to your urging and to the people insisting you take an extra cookie.

2. Use a small plate

We would tell you to just cut your portions but this is also easier said than done. To avoid the temptation of heaping your plate with food, just go for a smaller plate.


3. Snack before going out

This will prevent you from overeating when you go out for a party. Take a glass of juice, eat a salad or snack on some nuts before leaving the house.

4. Limit your liquid calories


It won’t do you any favour if you cut your portions but still consume lots of calorie-filled drinks such as sodas and alcohol. Yet, these drinks are so common during the festive season. Instead of taking a bottle of soda, take a glass of milk. It’s healthier and it also increases satiety.

5. Stress less


This is supposed to be a happy moment but sometimes we get stressed from family pressure and money issues since this is also a period that prompts one to spend a lot. Stressed people have higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that is linked to high food intake resulting in weight gain.

6. Get active with your family and friends

Instead of sitting all day while chatting or watching the telly, try doing something with your family. Take a walk, play a ballgame, go swimming, hiking or take a workout challenge as a family.


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